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Perhaps in your entourage, you have a close relation who needs a help to remain in his residence, or somebody who leaves a hospital which does not know where to address itself to find material adapted to its environment. We have the Solution! Indeed since 1984, we specialized in the Assistance and the Maintenance in Residence as well as Oxygen treatment. Thanks to our diplomas approved by the Social security of Orthopedy/Small equipment and Retailer and Hirer out of Vehicles for Physical Handicapped people, we propose with the public a broad line of goods essential to the maintenance of the dependant person. We also propose apparatuses of rehabilitations (travelling carpet, exercise bike, etc…). We ensure the delivery of our produits.Nous have in our room a varied choice and important of materials. Moreover, we carry out orthopedic soles as well as belts to measures, of the trusses and the prostheses mammaires. If you are interested, you can discover solutions thanks to this site or telephone to us to the 05 55 62 42 09, we will reserve the best reception to you. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are there to inform you; then, so long!



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